2021 Crias

Takara’s cria
Lauren’s cria
Catchinup’s cria
Pequita’s cria

Cavalier King Charles puppies born 5/10/2019 - All puppies have found their forever homes!

Harry - Sold

Rosie gave birth to 6 little boys this year! There were three tri-colored and three Blenheim colored. All are absolutely adorable and have already found their forever homes.

New Arrivals 2019

2019 is off to a great start for birthing season! Two little brown girls out of our co-owned multi-champion herd-sire Magical Farms Dragonheart. A Classic Silver Grey female and two true black males out of our herdsire Patagonia's Ferro!

New Arrivals 2013

After a really long wait, the babies have started arriving! So far 4 girls and one boy! Enjoy!

New Arrivals for 2012

Female Cria - bay black
Female Cria - True Black

What a great way to start the 2012 breeding season! Gayla and Jacopo produced a super cute little female. Perhaps a bit too soon to call the color, but it's looking like a solid bay black / true black less one little white sock on her front left leg. The Connor family has selected the name "3Ds' Kamara Mist" for this little beauty! Perfect name for a perfect little girl! Congratulations on the new addition to the family!

The second cria born on the farm will stay on the farm. She is a true black out of Snowmass Midnight Shadow and Snowmass Matrix Midnight. We have given her the name 3Ds' Midnight Katia.

New arrivals for 2011

True Black Male
True Black female cria
True Black Female
Fawn Male

Well our last cria for 2011 arrived on October 22. So now it's time to kick back and enjoy the fall colors and watch all the crias pronking around in the pasture. Final count for the year is 3 boys and 3 girls! We could not be any happier!

new arrivals 2010

3D's Silver Bellina
3D's Huckleberry
3D's Huckleberry
3D's Crack-of-Dawn

Nothing warms your heart as much as seeing new babies running around in the pasture!

Alpaca birth - 3D's Dolce Rosa 2008

After an eleven and a half month gestation period, Alpacas typically will give birth in the early morning up till noon. The process starts with the nose and front feet popping out first. The whole process usually takes less than an half hour and the baby cria is usually up and walking / nursing within one to two hours.